We are open, year-round, to submissions of poetry and visual art for our biannual issues. We are no longer seeking flash fiction submissions.

We also publish reviews of chapbooks and full-length works of poetry that may be of interest to our readers. We're not currently looking for books to review, but we are looking for reviews to print.

We're always looking for carefully crafted, thought-provoking work that explores all angles of the contemporary female experience, especially those sharp, jagged angles. Men are welcome to submit work as well. Our tastes usually veer away from the confessional or overtly political, but quality is our final criteria, so you never know. We're open to all styles of writing.

Paste your submission of 1-4 poems in the body of an e-mail to, accompanied by a short & sweet 1-3-sentence bio. You can attach a Word document version of your submission as well, if you like. Send thumbnails of artwork, with the title of each piece clearly labeled. Six months should be the longest we'll take to respond, and you'll usually hear from us sooner, but if you don't hear something within six months, feel free to send an inquiry.

Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you notify us immediately if they're accepted elsewhere so we can remove them from consideration. Previously published work is not acceptable, however. Rights revert to the author upon publication, except that we reserve the right to publish any material appearing in the online issues in a future print anthology. (Look for the first one in 2016.) We're sorry that we cannot pay authors at this time, but those authors appearing in an anthology will receive a complimentary copy of that volume as well as additional copies at a discounted rate.

Submissions for the journal are now closed.