Public pool no longer in use overgrown with foliage
Melusine 7.1: Winter/Spring 2015
Black and white piece of a girl with an elephant head standing in castle room with crumbling archways.  Deliberately blurry and with scratches outlining the figure.
Melusine 6.1: Winter/Spring 2014
Melusine 5.1: Spring/Summer 2013
Melusine 4.1: Spring/Summer 2012
sleep anywheres
Melusine 3.2: Fall/Winter 2011
Shadows of the Past
Melusine 3.1: Spring/Summer 2011
Close-up of Crow Woman statue, Bratislava, Slovakia
Melusine 2.3: Fall/Winter 2010
Photograph in saturated greens and blues of a dead tree trunk with blue bottles on the stubs of the branches.  A hammock hangs off of it.
Melusine 2.2: Spring/Summer 2010
Mythological Hybrids
Melusine 2.1: Winter 2010
Black and white photo in heavy contrast of performers on a stage
Melusine 1.3: Fall 2009
Two young girls girls sitting on the ground, one making making a snarling face with hands arced into claws.  The other, laughing.
Melusine 1.2: Summer 2009
Oil painting of a feral pig rendered in reds, purples and blues with flowing horizontal strokes on bright green ground
Melusine 1.1: Spring 2009