Your Editor Has Issues, Part 13

in which she just remembered that tonight is the Super Bowl, but here are some things to read anyway.

Welcome to lucky issue number 13! Somehow this issue took a bit longer to take shape than some, despite being briefer than most (small but mighty, though, I'd say, packed with plenty of exciting work!)

A busy year with the usual last-minute snags prior to the originally planned launch date seems to be the new normal around here, but I am aiming to make this effort a true biannual/semiannual this year, with a summer issue planned for around the same time as the release of our print anthology, which will feature a selection from our entire online run so far. Check back around July or August for details about purchasing the anthology. (Contributors will receive their one promised free copy and additional at a discount.) I'm still in the process of contacting contributors about inclusion in the anthology, but production will begin shortly.

Hope you enjoy the reading, our early Valentine to you!