Your Editor Has Issues, Part 11

in which she is very glad to be launching this issue, without further delay.

I hope you enjoy our new issue, with cover art by Samy Sfoggia that I really love. As per usual, it seems, especially post-baby, the issue is a bit delayed from its planned launch date of December, but we're doing a bit better than last year, at least, when fall and winter didn't show up until May. Baby #2 (the second and final addition to the family) is expected next month, and so I wanted to make sure that this "Winter/Spring" issue appears while there is still snow on the ground outside our house, and there is, although it is rapidly melting.

Our next issue, Summer/Fall 2014, is now open for submissions. There will be no Winter 2014 or 2015 issue, which will leave next winter open for work on the long-planned print anthology. The five-year anthology will feature some of the best work from our inaugural issue in Spring 2009 through this current issue. I am excited about getting the anthology together and may even try to take it to next year's AWP in Minneapolis, but we'll see how that goes.

I'll keep this brief so that the issue can start making its way to you. So that's all for now. Speaking of AWP, I hope those of you going to Seattle enjoy, and hope everyone has a madly literary spring this year. After this brooding, polar winter, I think all of us (except my lucky friends in the S. Hemisphere) are more than ready for one.